Safety switches with metal housing:- The function of safety switches is to monitor the position of a safety guard and, if the safety guard is opened, to trigger a signal that safely interrupts the supply of power to the hazardous parts of the system. Switches are available with a large number of options, for example with guard locking, emergency release and escape release as well as accessories.

Safety switches without guard locking:- Safety switches with a separate actuator permit operation of a system only if the safety guard is in the closed position and the actuator is inserted in the switch. A range of mounting fixtures makes these devices ideally suited to situations requiring high flexibility and robust design.
Safety switches with guard locking:- In addition to the same function as the safety switches with a separate actuator, these switches also have guard locking. Safety guards can then not be opened when locked.
Safety switches with guard locking and guard lock monitoring:- These safety switches have an interlocking solenoid with additional guard lock monitoring. As a result the position of the guard and the solenoid can be monitored safely. The guard locking prevents the unintentional opening of a safety guard. These switches are suitable for the protection of people as well as for the protection of the process.