EUCHNER electronic handwheels are universal pulse generators for manual axis positioning. They are mainly used for positioning NC-controlled axes. Different pulse rates and output stages make the handwheels suitable for the most control systems. By using wear-free magnetic detent mechanisms, absolutely no servicing is required

Hand-held pendant stations:- Machine functions can be monitored and controlled decentrally using hand-held pendant stations. In addition to the control function, hand-held pendant stations can also have a safety function. For this purpose the hand-held pendant stations are equipped with EMERGENCY STOP buttons and enabling switches.
Electronic-Key-System EKS:- The EKS comprises an Electronic-Key and an Electronic-Key adapter - a read/write device with integrated evaluation electronics and interface. Various versions with different interfaces are available. All devices feature an extremely compact design for installation in a standard cut-out. Because of the non-contact transfer of data, the Electronic-Key adapter is suitable for harsh industrial use.
Joysticks:- These devices are always used if movements are to be controlled as a function of the manual actuation direction. Joysticks are used in areas of the steel and construction industry, in transport and conveyor systems, in systems engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as in warehousing, medicine and studios.