Kudamm Corporation offers a large scope of DELTA PLC products for small or large application with leading edge technology developed using the resources of one of the largest automation technology companies in the world. DELTA’s powerful flagship PLC offering a wide range of performance levels and scalability within a single, simple concept and where most competitors require multiple product ranges to deliver similar functionality. A large range of plc are stocked and we can custom stock holding to suit your needs. Our hot selling products are ES2/EX2 Series, ES Series, SV2 Series, EH3 Series.
Delta DVP series programmable logic controllers offer high-speed, stable and highly reliable applications in all kinds of industrial automation machines. In addition to fast logic operation, bountiful instructions and multiple function cards, the cost-effective DVP-PLC also supports various communication protocols, connecting Delta AC motor drive, servo, human machine interface and temperature controller through the industrial network
Because of our sales volume, we can offer our customers the best prices possible and our in-house stock levels allow us to provide immediate delivery for almost every PLC.

Delta PLC ES series
Delta PLC SV2 series
Delta PLC EH3 series

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