ABB Solar Pump Drives

Kudamm Corporation is a distributor of a wide range of ABB Solar pump drives ACS355 to harness sun energy to maximize pump delivery. This includes built-in MPPT Maximum power point tracking functionality ensures that you get the most power output possible from your solar panel and maximizes the performance of your pump throughout the day. The ABB Solar pump drive ACS355 ensures reliable power supply through out the day with on and off-grid compatibility. These drives can be equipped with remote monitoring options, reducing maintenance trips to the site.
Harnessing the power of sun provides an enviromentally friendly pumping without producing and CO2 emissions. A large range of ABB Solar pump drives are stocked and we can custom stock holding to suit your needs. These ABB Solar pump drives are embedded pump-specific features such as dry run detection and pump cleaning in reversing method to protect the pump.

Because of our sales volume, we can offer our customers the best prices possible and our in-house stock levels allow us to provide immediate delivery for almost every ABB Solar Pump Drives.

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