ABB ACS880 Low Harmonic

  • Power range 45 to 3200 kW
  • Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
  • IP22, IP45 and IP54 enclosure classes
  • Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
  • LCL line filter built-in
  • Main switch and fuses
  • Cabling solution include bottom and top entry and exit
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options
  • Flexible I/O and encoder options

ABB ACS880 Low Harmonic Drives pdf image

Built-in features simplify ordering and installation

All ACS880 drives have a choke for harmonic filtering, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface, and safe torque off functionality as standard. Other built-in features, standard or optional, include EMC filters, brake choppers, low harmonic or regenerative functionality and various I/O extensions, fieldbus communication, and functional safety modules.

Different installation solutions

ACS880 offering has optimized variants for cabinet-building, wall-mounting and modules for cabinet assembly. ACS880 offering also includes complete and compact solutions for dusty and wet environments with up to IP55 enclosure class.

Communication with all major automation networks

ACS880 drives come with Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and drive-to-drive communication link as standard. Plug-in connectivity adapters enable communication with all major industrial automation networks.

Robust, long life time design

The ACS880 is designed to last for a long time, even in harsh conditions. The benefits include a nine-year service interval and good tolerance for vibrations and contamination.

Remote monitoring

With a built-in web server and standalone data logger, the NETA-21 remote monitoring tool enables secure worldwide access to your drives. Drive data can also be collected via a 3G mobile connection with the RMDE reliability monitoring device.

Mobile connectivity

The drive has a Bluetooth panel enabling easy connection to mobile devices. ABB offers several smartphone applications, like Drivetune and Drivebase, to ease and enhance the use of ABB drives. These tools provide a user-friendly and easy-to-use approach for commissioning, servicing and using ABB drives.

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